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Voice Changer FAQ

What are the main features of the different types of voice changers you carry?
How do Voice Changers work?
Can voice changers change the gender of your voice?
Why do I hear an "echo" in my telephone when using a voice changer?
What pitch setting should I use?
How should I use the voice changer function more effectively?
Does Voice Changer II work with all phones?

What are the main features of the different types of voice changers you carry?

    Cell Phone Voice Changer
  • hands-free and portable, measures just 5" x 3" x 1/2"
  • work on cell phones that have a circular plug for the 2.5 mm jack.
  • four different voice modes: child, old man, duck, or robot
  • works on many home phones as well
  • 30 hour battery life in voice changer mode
    Keychain Voice Changer
  • smallest voice changer in the world: 2.5" x 1.5".
  • attach to your keychain and you can disguise your voice at any time
  • place the unit over the mouthpiece, adjust the setting, and your voice is disguised
  • has both extreme and mid-range settings for both humorous and serious uses
    Voice Changer II
  • wired between the phone and the receiver, so voice quality is very clear
  • 8 pitch adjustments controlled by 2 switches, one for scaling the other for tuning
  • built-in amplifier boosts incoming sound level
  • not compatible with many types of phones
    Professional Portable Voice Changer
  • professional grade voice changer, compatible with all telephones
  • 14 different programmable voice settings: 7 high and 7 low, also includes normal mode
  • Lightweight and compact,connects to your phones handset cord jack in seconds
  • Unsurpassed clarity with built-in microphone

How do Voice Changers work?

Telephone voice changers change the pitch-sensitive fundamental waves of users' voice via microprocessors. The more pitch shift options a voice changer offers, the better the results and the more "voices" you can effectively use. Low end models are generally for use as a novelty item for practical jokes or for kids. High end (Pro) models use more efficient microprocessors and additional electronic circuits to offset or buffer the unnatural sounds. If you have a serious application, consider only the "Pro" models.

Voice Changers do a very efficient job of disguising your voice even to people who know you well. Since pitch is only one element of the voice, there are limitations as to how much change can be made without resulting in an "digital" sounding voice.

Can voice changers change the gender of your voice?

Everyone's voice is different, so everyone's result when using a voice changer is different. Generally, a voice changer can increase or decrease your voice's pitch by one or two octaves without creating the "digital" sounding voice. For a typical male voice to sound like a typical female voice or vice versa, you must change the voice by several octaves, which usually results in a Mickey Mouse or Darth Vader sounding voice. While some customers have reported good results in "gender" changing, no claim is made that the voice changers can change your voice to a different gender and it DOES NOT sound completely human.

Why do I hear an "echo" in my telephone when using a voice changer?

It is normal to hear an "echo" in your telephone when using a voice changer. What you are hearing is a reflection of your changed voice. The telephone handset always reflects about 10% of your voice through the handset (this is called “sidetone”) but you don't usually notice it because it sounds the same as your voice. When you use a voice changer, you are hearing your normal and your changed voice at the same time, this can be confusing, but the party at the other end only hears your changed voice.

What pitch setting should I use?

It depends on what your goal is. If you would like to sound like a different person but still sound “human”, you should use one of the intermediate settings. It takes some experimentation to find a setting that is right for your. Both Voice Changer II and the Professional Voice Changer provide a wide range of setting because people have a wide range of voices, some deep and some very high. Use of the extreme settings will provide a maximum voice disguise. If you set the pitch control very high, you will sound like a cartoon character. If you set it very low, you will sound like a monster. This is by design. Some users desire a maximum voice disguise effect. If you are extremely concerned about remaining anonymous, use the extreme settings.

How should I use the voice changer function more effectively?

Choose the right pitch setting. Experimenting with the unit is the key to using it successfully. Usually the less "drastic" you make the change, the less "electronic" your voice will sound. Use the unit in a quiet environment. If there is background noise, the noise will be picked up and the noise's pitch will be changed also. Volume will affect clarity. Keep volume as low as possible. Speak slowly for best result.

Please note that the voice changer will change the pitch of your voice, it will not change your accent, how fast you talk, or your intonation.

Does the Voice Changer II work with all phones?

The Voice Changer II is designed following the standard wiring configurations between the telephone base and the handset. It does not work with the following types of phones:

  • Cordless phone, because cordless phone don't have a cord between the base and the handset, there are no connections available.
  • Telephones with dialing keypads in the handset because when the keypad is in the handset, the wiring between the base and the handset of the telephone is not standard. For example: Trimline, Princess.
  • Multi-line system with non-standard configurations. For example: AT&T Merlin, ROLM and Tie.
  • A few brands such as GE Lenoxx Sound or Emerson, and some phones with built in speakerphone.

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