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Comhrac Bas

Comhrac Bas
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Product Description

Rediscovered Fighting System Used By The Gladiators In Ancient Rome Is Easy To Learn! It's true! There's a fighting system you've probably never heard of that actually BEATS all the Oriental martial arts ever developed-hands down! It's the lost (but recently rediscovered) fighting style that was used by the gladiators of ancient Rome back in the time of Julius Caesar! These guys fought to the death every day of their lives, so they had to have a fighting method that would really work under actual "mortal combat" circumstances. And the system they developed is unlike anything you've ever seen or trained in before.

It's known as "Comhrac Bas"- a Gaelic term that means "Death Fighting". You won't believe your eyes when you see what you can do with "Comhrac Bas" fighting techniques. You can take everything you've ever learned in the martial arts and throw it out the window. Comhrac Bas makes everything else OBSOLETE! Christopher Clugston's all-new "Comhrac Bas" contains hyper-advanced "upper level" vicious and amazing fighting skills.

Total Run Time: 2 Hrs 37 Min

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