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Barracuda 3.7 Million Volts Stun Gun BC-37

Barracuda 3.7 Million Volts Stun Gun BC-37
Item#: BC-37
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Barracuda 3.7 Million Volts Stun Gun BC-37Barracuda 3.7 Million Volts Stun Gun BC-37Barracuda 3.7 Million Volts Stun Gun BC-37

Product Description

Temporarily out of stock.

Barracuda's strongest compact stun gun available! It truly has to be seen and heard to be believed!

  • 3.7 million volts. This stun gun has an output of 4.5 milliamps that is safe and significantly higher than most other sun guns which range between 1-3 milliamps.
  • Long life 7.2 Volt NI-MH rechargeable battery with built-in wall plug-in charger. You will need to charge it for 10-12 hours the first time and then just 1-2 hours each month.
  • Safety switch with one touch operation.
  • A Red LED light comes on when the stun gun is powered.
  • Safety/disable pin with wrist loop.
  • Rubber coating for a better grip.
  • Durable nylon weave holster with belt loop.
  • Compact in size: 3 3/4" X 2 1/4" X 1"
  • 5 year warranty that covers the entire unit.

Touch an attacker with the outside metal contact probes while pressing the activation switch. You can touch any part of assailant's body, but the large muscle areas and the upper torso is your primary target. A second touch will startle and repel assailants, giving some pain and muscle contractions. A moderate length touch of 2 to 4 seconds can cause an attacker to fall to the ground and result in some mental confusion. A touch of 5 or more seconds can cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation. No sound will be heard when touching an attacker with a stun gun. Under no conditions you can suffer a charge back to your own body, even if assailant is holding you. The unit cannot be damaged by continued firing into the body of an assailant, but remember not to test fire the unit in the air for more than one second.

  Barracuda Stun Gun Manual